press regulationThe Privy Council is one of the last remaining vestiges of the monarchy in the UK. There are some 600 members on this Council and they are appointed for life. Members include MP’s, bishops, judges and even a few members of the Cabinet. The Council is, to many, an irrelevant body that does not function within the confines of the way we have come to see our democracy. They are responsible for the oversight of a variety of unrelated tasks, from those that have little bearing on the daily lives of UK citizens, to things that really do matter, like the regulation of the press.

The Council is not bound by the democratic principles that Parliament is bound to and they are not accountable to the citizens of the country. This is leading many to call for a change in the way the press is regulated. Many would like to see a charter enacted that turns regulation and oversight over to the democratic and regulated members of Parliament. The self-regulation of the Privy Council is outdated to many thinkers in Britain who are working with international organizations towards a more democratic means of press oversight in the UK, with democratic and accountable oversight provide by the Parliament.