On the heels of Edward Snowden’s dramatic revelations about the nature of national spying programs, many nations are beginning to investigate some of the accusations that came out of Snowden’s testimony. The European Union created a civil liberties commission earlier this year to investigate claims that the UK government was partaking in unjust surveillance activities.

EPcommitteeWhistle blowers have testified before the civil liberties commission and included people intimately familiar with the surveillance programs of the UK and US, such as former members of the MI5 and NSA. These are individuals who are keenly aware of the inner workings of these alleged spy programs and have dedicated their lives and career to exposing what they see as inappropriate use of power. Their testimony is intended to shed light on surveillance programs, as well as the rights that are violated by the means with which private information is gathered.

The goal of these whistle blowers is to bring light to the alleged activities used to obtain information about citizens, as well as to lobby Parliament, the European Union and the United States governments to reform spying and surveillance programs. In addition, they also seek to create appropriate channels by which whistle blowers can pass on relevant information to proper authorities.