owen-smithThe so-called ‘bedroom tax,’ which significantly changes the way housing benefits and taxes are managed, has received a significant amount of public scrutiny from both concerned citizens as well as members of Parliament. Welsh Labor MPs are launching a campaign for the repeal of this new tax, citing a multitude of complaints with the new legislation. Welsh politicians argue that close to half of the people who rely on government housing benefits will be adversely effected by the new tax, including a large number of disabled people and at risk populations.

The plan is designed to cut benefits for those who are determined to be using more bedrooms than is allotted by their government benefit. This could force tens of thousands of low incomes individuals to have to secure new affordable housing along with seeing a cut in their benefits.

While local funding has been earmarked to help needy citizens with the transition, many fear that there will be a rippling affect of devastating ramifications for the populations who rely on government benefits. Many also fear that there is not adequate housing in many areas to support a large scale reduction of home size so that recipients are in line with the new bedroom requirements.