srilankavisitA recent Parliamentary fact-finding mission showed that much more humane and positive progress has been made in the redevelopment of Sri Lanka than what is often portrayed to outsiders. Members of the British-Sri Lankan Parliamentary group recently spent a week in Sri Lanka to observe the development of the country after a long period of military and political instability.

Members of Parliament were able to openly talk to a variety of key players in Sri Lanka, from government members to private citizens. What seemed to stand out to the visiting delegation was the lack of military troops on the ground in the country. Reports from the country often depict vast, unstable military installments dotting the land, but this was not at all what the delegation witnessed. They were surprised at the small number of troops that were needed on the ground to keep the peace and were also pleasantly surprised at the amount of economic growth and development of the country.

Through the help of international aid and positive governmental relations, Sri Lankans have entered a relatively peaceful time and are working to rebuild the nation into a strong, independent and peaceful country. With positive internal and external dialogue, as well as religious stability, the future of Sri Lanka looked far brighter to Parliament than was previously thought.