british-armyThe UK national service, which was abolished in 1960, involved the mandatory conscription into a year of charitable or military service. The idea of bringing back national service was brought forth for discussion in Parliament recently. Conscription, as noted above, involves a mandatory year in charitable service or the military for all 18 to 26-year olds.

This has been a very controversial issue for Parliament and after the initial opening for discussion, it was determined that the topic would not be visited again until next year. While there are many who feel that mandatory national service in unjust and goes against the grain of democracy, there are also many proponents who believe that national service inspires self-reliance and self-sufficiency for the nations youth.

National service encompasses a wide range of opportunities, from traditional military enlistment, to providing help and support to elderly and disabled individuals. When brought up again next year, it is sure to be a widely debated and heated topic of discussion that has caused a huge gulf in opinions across the floors of Parliament.

Since the dissolution of mandatory national service in 1960, the reinstatement of this program has been brought up a number of times, but as of yet, has proven too divisive and controversial to pass in Parliament.