North Korean Defectors TestifyParliament will hear the testimony on the grave state of human rights from a number of defectors from North Korea. Open to the public, the testimony is slated to be given by three defectors from North Korea. These defectors fled their home country after facing unjust punishment for a number of seemingly innocuous infractions. One of the testifiers spent some nine years in prison for simply knowing personal details about Kim Jong-il’s private life.

The defectors will testify about the sad nature of human rights in North Korea. Citizens of North Korea face harsh punishment for minor infractions that fly in the face of commonly agreed upon human rights protocols. Hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Group, the testimony seeks to expand awareness about the human rights issues facing North Koreans. Parliament opened an investigation of the country earlier this year on the heels of many years of pressure by non-profit human rights organizations.

The hearing is just one activity that is planned for North Korea Freedom Week. In addition to the Parliamentary hearing, a photography exhibit and film viewings are also scheduled. These events are also being held in conjunction with the unveiling of a new organization, North Korean Refugees Solidarity Worldwide.