PILOTParliament recently passed legislation regulating flying hours for UK pilots. The regulation was passed as a means to standardize UK pilot flying hours and rest times with the rest of the European Union. However, many pilots are unhappy with this new legislation, claiming that there are loopholes in the way the legislation is written that could actually be used by airline companies to force pilots into flying dangerously.

Pilots fear that there are loopholes in the legislation that will allows their employers to demand longer flying hours and shorter breaks in between, which could prove catastrophic and be very dangerous for passengers. Members of the British Pilots Union have come out staunchly opposed the new regulations. While in support of further limiting flight hours, members of the British Pilot Union see that there are ways that this legislation can be used that would serve to make flying less safe for passengers.

Under the old legislation, for example, pilots were able to undertake no more than three days of early morning flying before they had to take a break for fear of pilot fatigue. The new legislation allows for unlimited consecutive days of early morning flying, which pilots fear will have their employers fatiguing them with too many early morning flights in a row, potentially putting passengers in danger.