googleA Parliamentary committee recently undertook an investigation of popular search engine, Google’s, efforts to reduce online piracy. Members of Parliament were not impressed with the findings of their investigation and are openly chastising Google for their inadequate efforts to combat piracy. Many governments and organizations have been trying to get Google to ramp up their efforts to reduce access to pirated materials on the internet. Parliament claims that Google, as the industry leader in search engines, should be held to a higher standard since they have such a powerful influence over the industry.

Their investigation found little had been accomplished towards limiting or reducing access to stolen or pirated materials. These materials still come up in Google searches and in many cases are displayed near the top of the search results, making it easy for people to gain access to these pirated materials.

While Google claims they are ramping up their efforts to remove links to pirated materials from their search engine results, the findings of the investigation showed that there had actually been no change in the amount of easily accessed pirated links from last year.

Internet piracy has been a big topic of concern for Parliament in recent years and members are dedicated to staying at the forefront of this issue to help reduce the availability of pirated material and protect the economic interests of those who create content that is later pirated.