michaelgoveIn a time of widespread economic uncertainty, subjects like increasing the salary of member of Parliament rubs many, including these politicians themselves, the wrong way. Recently, the committee that is responsible for making suggestions for salary and benefits for members of Parliament, proposed that Parliamentary salaries be raised. This comes in the wake of many government employees seeing real declines in their take home pay, along with a stagnating cost of living pay increase.

The public and many members of Parliament alike balked at this proposed salary increase, citing the unreasonable amount of additional money it would cost the government, especially at a time where is is imperative for the government to reduce spending as much as possible. The proposal has proved to be incredibly unpopular across the political spectrum and members of Parliament are seeking to quickly squash this proposed change.

The proposed increase in pay is around 10%, significantly overshadowing the 1% increase that government employees have seen in wage increases, further illustrating the ire that is pay increase proposal has caused. The backlash has led many to question the motivations of the members who support the increase. As noted by an MP, one does not get involved with government to get rich and any who think they can are encouraged to find a different line of work.